FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When Do I Need To Book Equipment?
To ensure that you get exactly what you need we strongly suggest you place your order as early as possible. While we have a large range of equipment available for hire, unfortunately, there are times during the peak periods when there is a chance that the equipment that you require is not available. By booking early you can guarantee that your needs are covered.
How Long Do I Have The Equipment For?
Unless you have a specific timetable, generally, marquees are set up 1-2 days prior to the event and dismantled 1-2 days after the event.  This means that if your function is on a Saturday night the marquees will be set up on Thursday or Friday, and then dismantled on Monday or Tuesday. This ensures you have plenty of time to decorate and then to relax after the event.
Can I Extend The Hire Period?
The hire rates quoted generally apply to one single event over a period not exceeding 5 days which includes the time required to install and dismantle the hire equipment. If you have multiple events or would like to extend the event, please call our event consultants as special discounts on additional hire charges may be available.
What Does A Marquee Cost To Hire?
Marquees come in many shapes and sizes and as such prices can range from $120 for a 3m x 3m marquee into tens of thousands for large structures. A typical marquee in a backyard will cost between $400 and $800.
How Do I Determine What Size Marquee I Need?
There are many factors to consider when determining the size of marquee required for your event and typically there is more than one correct answer. For complex events or events with limited space, our event consultants may need to do a site inspection to determine the right solution for you. Some of the factors that need to be considered include:-
  • What is your event or function type?
  • How many people are you catering for?
  • Is there an adjoining facility which will be used during the event?
  • Are your guests going to be seated or is it a casual standing affair?
  • If your guest are seated, do you prefer Round tables or trestle Tables?
  • Do you require a stage?
  • Do you require a dance floor?
  • Is there enough space to fit the marquee?
While this may appear complex, our event consultants are experienced in helping you easily determine the right marquee for you.
What Size Marquees Are Available?
Thankfully, to suit your particular event, marquees come in various widths and lengths. Our 3m, 4m 6m and 10m wide marquees come in lengths of 3m modules and can be joined together to create the shape or length that you may require.  For example a 10m wide marquee can be built as a 10m x 3m, 10m 6 m, 10x 9m etc to indefinite length.
The 15m and 20m wide marquees on the other hand come in 5m modules and can also be joined together to create the shape or length that you may require. For example a 15m wide marquee can be built as a 15m x 5m, 15m x 10m, 15m x 15m etc to an indefinite length.
Can Marquees Be Installed In Asphalt Or Concrete Car Parks Or On Other Surfaces Where They Cannot Be Pegged Into The Ground?
Yes they can. While our preferred installation method is with the use of pegs driven approximately 900mm into grass surfaces or natural ground, steel or concrete weights can be used instead. Unfortunately, the cost of installation increases slightly.
Could The Marquee Damage Cables And Pipes Running Underneath The Site?
Generally, there should be no damage, however, damage is possible especially if pegs are used. If any cabling or pipe work is near the surface it is important for you to advise us to avoid damage. Our experienced event consultants can advise on the best means of securing the marquee.
Can A Marquee Be Installed Over My Swimming Pools Or Spa?
Yes we will install a suspended floor over the pool or spa first and then erect the marquee of the suspended floor system.
What Happens If Something Gets Damaged?
The client is responsible at all times for the security of equipment whilst it is on site. If damages occur then the costs to repair or replace will be charged. Optional damage waiver insurance (cover against accidental damage waiver, storm and tempest) is available upon and we strongly recommend that you take the damage waiver to ensure a hassle free event.